Are you short on cash and desperately need a loan? The normal channel of getting a loan is through the traditional method such as visiting the bank or credit union and filling out a long application. The challenge is, nowadays having a perfect credit score seems unbelievable for many out there and it can be difficult getting a loan from large institutions with poor credit. If you are faced with the need for fast cash but equally having a bad credit, the idea of searching for a loan shark must have crossed your mind more than once. The term “loan shark” has a negative meaning for lots of people, but there’s no shame in visiting such a business for a loan because these are authentic and fully legal. In simple terms, a loan shark is a company that is ready to give out short or mid-term loan for people who need cash quickly. Normally, it comes with a higher interest rate but the benefit of getting a loan quickly even with a bad debt is possible.


Here are 4 tips on how to search for a loan shark online:


You can locate lenders whose specialty is helping people with bad credit. In as much as they don’t call themselves loan sharks, they are among a few companies in business who help people who need that extra cash when they are in financial distress. They specialize in working with people with bad credit scores. A lot of lenders give out unsecured loans. People who approach these lenders for the first time believe they need some kind of collateral before they become eligible for a personal loan but this is not the case.  Unlike the mortgage or automobile loan, getting a personal loan does not require collateral like a house.


Many of this type of loan do not require any down payment of any kind. For mortgages and auto loans, it is normal to put a 10%, 20% or more in order to get a loan. Furthermore, in the case of a personal loan, you do not need any down payment. Your loan will be paid at 100% cash value of the approved loan.  Getting your hands on fast cash is not an artificial problem in recent economy. Fortunately, there are companies out there who are ready to extend a loan to someone with MTP Loans. If you choose to go this path, it is crucial to do your homework and talk with several lenders before finally ending up with the best one.


Short repayment course – Typical loans from banks and other financial institutions can offer you a repayment plan that splits your debt payment into a long span of life. Repayment can be done within a period of a year or two when getting a regular loan. An online loan on the other hand, expects you to reconcile your debt within a shorter period of time. Probably two weeks or a couple of months.




Collecting a loan from the bank or other institutions can take a period of time before getting an approval. If you are in need of quick cash, then you might perhaps consider getting an online application. You no longer need to wait for weeks or months before getting an approval for your loan. It may feel like an online loan is the best way to get money fast. In as much as it has lots of advantages, it also has its disadvantages. In essence what are the advantages and disadvantages of an online loan?

Let’s take a tour at the benefits to enjoy when getting this type of loan.


Easy approval – unlike other types of loan, it is much easier to get an approval. Online lenders often have low requirements which can easily be met in order to get an approval. This surely includes having a stable source of income, a bank account and being of rightful age.


Less hassle – the paper works from banks and other institutions can be very tiring when applying for a loan. Whereas, when applying for an online loan, you don’t have to go through the same tiring procedures, you just need to fill the online form and that’s all.


You definitely don’t need to wait in line or travel down to the bank or other institutions before applying for a loan. This saves both time and energy because you can do it at the comfort of your home with your personal computer. Although useful, there are things that you need to take into consideration before getting an online loan application. You should always weigh the pros and cons before deciding on anything.

Although there are numerous advantages that make the online loan application sound attractive but it also has its disadvantages.


1. High fees and interest rates – Experts suggest you don’t get this loan unless the need is very urgent. Online loans have higher rates and fees as compared to normal loans.


Apart from the high interest rates and fees that you have to pay as you apply for the online, you also have to pay a fee if you are late in your payment. Majority of the late repayment fee are charged by online lenders are so good that they could double or triple the amount you’ve borrowed. Unclear terms and condition statement – Some loan services may include certain terms and conditions that put you on a high risk state. This is most times hidden or made vague, since they don’t want you to know about it.


Even though they are useful, there are things that still need precaution before getting an online loan application. You should always weigh the odds between the pros and cons before making any rash decision.

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